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6 May 2006
"You want to come up on my bed and have a cuddle, Christine?" :D

18 April 2006
An eight word sentence from Aylee: "I did put my hand in the water." That's talking at a 5 year old level that is! :P
And tonight a nine word sentence! "No, I'm singing a song about doing a wee!"

15 April 2006
Aylee's first movie at the cinema! She enjoyed Ice Age 2, and afterwards went down to have a closer look at the screen. "Woah! That's a big one. It's the biggest tv ever! I love it! It's bigger than Aylee!" :D

February 2006
Moved to the Gold Coast. Christine's enjoying her job and the FIVE MINUTE COMMUTE and Aylee and Bradley are tracking down the local playgroups.

10 December 2005
Aylee cut her finger and it was bleeding a little. I told her she had a bloody finger, and she said "Bloody Hell!"
And tonight, she POOED IN THE TOILET!

22 November 2005
Aylee's TWO!

20 November 2005
Overheard Aylee having a conversation with a fly: "Go away fly!" (then in a higher voice) "No! I'm a fly! I'm going to bite you!"

6th October 2005
Aylee got to see some huge carpet snakes up close, (one slid through her sandpit!) and she thought they were great! "Hello snake! Whatcha doing?"

26th September 2005
Goodbye Campbelltown, we've moved to Mullumbimby! Jill and Alex made Aylee a sandpit!

July 2005
We went to the snow for a week! Photos in the Gallery


Monday 13th June 2005
I left the room to do the washing up in the kitchen, Aylee told Christine I had gone to do a poo, thought a moment, and then said I WAS a poo... and a wee! She's discovered toilet humour...

Wednesday 20th April 2005
Waiting in line with Caroline at Target, Aylee noticed the woman in front had a big bum, and said so, loudly.

Saturday 16th April 2005
Aylee picked up her bottle of baby shampoo and called it "bum." A logical word association :P

Monday 11th April 2005
Back in the car after getting DVDs from Blockbuster, Christine commented that Aylee hadn't noticed the P-O-P-C-O-R-N, which brought a response of "POPCORN POPCORN!" from the back...

Tuesday 5th April 2005
Christine asked Aylee if she wanted Lamb for dinner, Aylee grabbed the book of Farmyard Animals, opened it to the picture of a Lamb and showed it to her.

Monday 4th April 2005
Two word sentences, "Close door", "Fan on" and even "rie deh bike".

Wednesday 23rd March 2005
New (old) photos in the Gallery


Monday 14th February 2005
Aylee can do a summersault! She has been standing on her head for the last week (not the WHOLE time) and now can flip forwards from there! :D

Sunday 2nd January 2005
Back from a week visiting Grandparents Jill and Alex. Lots and lots of walking, and now Aylee's home she's discovered she can RUN with her push along truck! Also had lots of fun playing in the pool while on holiday. And danced to ABBA songs.

Thursday 23rd December, 2004
Cleaned up the Laundry so Aylee can talk to Loki through the screen door. Discovered Aylee can OPEN the screen door :P

Wednesday 8th December, 2004
I said "Thankyou" when Aylee gave me something, and she replied "You're welcome." :O

Monday 22nd November, 2004
Happy Birthday To Aylee! One Year Old! Triple Decker Mud Cake, mmm...

Sunday 21st November, 2004
Breakfast at Bondi Beach with Damian and Sarah, and also Kiruna, who Aylee hadn't met before, and was a little puzzled by, as Kiruna isn't much taller than Aylee but spoke to her like an adult!

Friday 19th November, 2004
This morning Aylee spotted the chewed remains of a corn cob that Goo had left on the kitchen floor, and crawled over to it saying "Yucky yucky yucky
yucky!" before picking it up to put it in her mouth.

Tuesday 16th November, 2004
Aylee pointed to the number on the gate and said "Two!" :O

Monday 15th November, 2004
Seven steps!

Saturday 13th November, 2004
Four steps today!

Thursday 11th November, 2004
First steps have been taken! (Well, Step-and-a-half, to be precise... ;)

Wednesday 10th November, 2004
Christine was sitting at her desk using her notebook computer, Aylee wandered up, pointed, and said "zuta". Christine responded with "That's right, it's a computer!" Aylee tried again "comta", and once again "puta!".

Friday 29th October, 2004
Some new words, "towel" and "wow-wa" ( you need a towel when you get out of the wow-wa). And tonight she heard Loki's tail banging against the wall (wagging it as the neighbours walked past the fence) and said "ba-wooooo!" (imitation of Loki howling!).

Monday 25th October, 2004
Lots of meowing "ma-oooooo" at the cats, and at pictures of cats ;)

Tuesday 19 October, 2004
Aylee loves the end title song of a cartoon Christine has been watching, and spins around to watch the television when it comes on, swinging her arms like they do on the screen :P

Sunday 17th October, 2004
Aylee went to a BBQ today and was a little suspicious when she was introduced to a woman named "Cat". Didn't LOOK like any cat she knew. She also visited Christine's Nan and played with some dolls, saying "Button", and "Eyes" as she poked the bellybutton and flicked the moveable eyes. Doing lots of walking holding hands.

Sunday 3rd October, 2004
Up to Mullumbimby to visit Jill and Alex. Aylee's first crawl on the beach! mmmm, tasty sand... Lots more standing up too!

Monday 27th September, 2004
Aylee just told Six (the littlest cat) "You're so cute!" Maybe she hears it too often... she's also standing up from sitting, without support, until she notices, windmills her arms and plops back down! :P

Wednesday 22nd September, 2004
10 months old today!

Sunday 19th September, 2004
Two more teeth peeking through at the top! Seven now!

Tuesday 7th September, 2004
Christine's mum was taking Aylee out to the shops today, and Christine said "Bye!" and waved, and Aylee waved back and said "Seeya!" :D

Sunday 5th September, 2004
Took Aylee Bushwalking in her new backpack. She thought it was great!

Wednesday 1st September, 2004
Aylee slid a slice of her apple across the bench to So the Cat, and said "Thankyou" (encouraging So to have good manners I guess...)

Sunday 29th August, 2004
Aylee thought Christine looked tired, so she gave her her dummy, blanket, and tried to pat her to sleep... And in other news, Aylee picked a booger out of her own nose and wiped it on the doona! We're so proud! :P

Friday 27th August, 2004
Two new teeth! Top front, just peeking through. She's putting the bottom ones to good use, and enjoys "real food" such as corn on the cob :)

Sunday 15th August, 2004
Aylee stood up against a desk, pulled on the top edge until she was up on her tiptoes, and then kept pulling, trying to see onto the desk... her feet left the floor! :O

Tuesday 3rd August, 2004
Aylee pooed in the toilet this morning! :P She was playing in the sunbeams at the bathroom door while I shaved, and had just started crawling in, and did her bumweasle noise, so I grabbed her and she pooed in the toilet! :D She liked it much better than pooing in a nappy... ;)

Tuesday 27th July, 2004
Aylee's getting her third tooth! Right there next to the two quite large (and SHARP!) ones at the bottom... there's supposed to be FOUR at the top before this one comes through, but oh well! She's crawling everywhere, can pull up to stand with support really well, wave goodbye (and even SAID "buh-bye" on one occasion!) make a noise clapping her hands (although the fingers are still somewhat entwined) give hugs and kisses (still very sloppy) and all in all, she's a superduper baby!

Thursday 22nd July, 2004
Eight months! Yay! Aylee can wave goodbye and is a mighty crawler! Climbs up onto things, and up the stairs... :O

Tuesday 13th July, 2004
Took Aylee bushwalking with Jill, Alex and Elise, down to The Basin on the Georges River at Kentlyn. It was a lovely area, must go again when it's warm enough to swim :) Aylee enjoyed all the trees, and riding on Alex's shoulders when it got too rough for the stroller.

Sunday 11th July, 2004
Aylee can get herself up to stand against things (lounge, people, cats...)

Saturday 3rd July, 2004
Aylee woke up with the most disgusting poo ever.
Armpits. Glad I hadn't eaten. Just thought I'd share ;)

Friday 2nd July, 2004
Our cat Goo jumped up on the bed where Aylee was being dressed after a bath, and Aylee said "AGOO!" Christine also reports that she squeals "FISSY!" when watching them in the Aquariums at Christine's parents' house.

Monday 28th June, 2004
Crawling is progressing very well, Aylee is starting to make her way around the house. She's also walking her hands up onto the bolsters and then rising up to her toes, not long before standing! Time to lower the cot base... :P

Wednesday 23rd June, 2004
Went to the Art Gallery Chinese Garden to watch the Koi in the Pond. The highlight for Aylee was sitting in the pebbles next to the pond (and tasting them).

Tuesday 15th June, 2004
Aylee sat up today, she's been sitting very well for a while, but this was the first time she got there on her own! She's also travelling about the loungeroom, crawling backwards and sliding and rolling to get where she wants. STOP PRESS! She just crawled a couple of steps! :D And she's discovered she can sit at the bookshelf and pull everything off the first two shelves.

Friday 4th June, 2004
Two weeks of visiting Grandma Jill and Grandpa Alex come to an end. Lots of fun was had (by Christine and Bradley also while Aylee was babysat!) Aylee got her first couple of ticks :O Aylee loved swimming in the spa.

Sunday 23rd May, 2004
After an all night roadtrip, Aylee met Great Grandma Lorna and lots of rellies at a celebration of Lorna's birthday. Aylee liked watching the baby goats at the Country Teahouse venue.

Saturday 11th May, 2004
Aylee had a wonderful day at the Zoo, with Bradley, Grandma Caroline and the Little Uncle and Aunts. She particularly enjoyed the seal show!

Friday 10th May, 2004
Two Teeth! They're finally through, after four months of up and downing... putting fingers in her mouth to check for other teeth is NOT recommended.

Monday 19th April, 2004
Lots of rolling and wriggling going on, and a lot happier on her tummy now that she can push up! :)

Thursday 15th April, 2004
Aylee had Pumpkin and Sweetcorn for dinner, and enjoyed it far more than the Farex she's had thus far!

Sunday 11th April, 2004
Aylee got her first lot of Easter Eggs from Grace and Angus (although Angus wanted them back!) Still a month or two before she can eat them... And we lost the baby! She wriggled over and hid under the tablecloth at Christine's parents' house.

Friday 9th April, 2004
Went to Bondi Beach to visit Damian, also caught up with Kerry and George, who seemed smitten with Aylee, can't imagine why... ;) Aylee enjoyed playing with the grass in North Bondi Park.

Monday 5th April, 2004
She got FOOD today! :D

Saturday 3rd April, 2004
More shots, she was even braver than last time... and up to 7.3 kilos, explains the sore back I've been suffering... then we joined Caroline and Catherine at the Street Market, and Aylee got a Cow Suit! :P

Sunday 28th March, 2004
Aylee can blow "raspberries" now (and continued to do so for three days!)

Saturday 20th March, 2004
Went on a 7 kilometre bushwalk (Geocaching) with Grandpa Alex, Grandma Jill and Uncle Damian! Aylee loved being in the pouch, and even snuck in a couple of naps.

Friday 19th March, 2004
Dinner with Christine's family and Jill, Alex and Damian at the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens Restaurant. Aylee was perfectly behaved, but she's getting to be an old hand at going out :P

Tuesday 16th March, 2004
Aylee's first bit of kulcha! We went to the Art Gallery! :D Aylee expecially liked the garden and the koi pond.

Friday 5th March, 2004
Aylee has got the rolling over thing just about sorted out! ;)

Saturday 28th February, 2004
Christine had to go to Newcastle for work, so Aylee and I trekked up there with her for a holiday! :D Overnight ended up being three days, but Aylee took it in her stride. She liked the wooded walkways along behind the dunes at ReadHead Beach.

Monday 24th February, 2004
Happy Birthday Christine! We stayed the night in a Hotel in Bowral, Aylee was impressed by the depth of the bath...

Saturday 22nd February, 2004
Three months old today! Hooray!

Monday 9th February, 2004
Went to our first Playgroup today, leaving Christine asleep at home! :P Aylee thought it was pretty interesting, and we found one of the Grannies there was named "Aylene" or Aylee for short! :D

Wednesday 4th February, 2004
Aylee got jabbed yesterday, she was very brave and only cried for a moment, impressing everyone (but not as much as my stopping full time work to look after her... *sigh*) She likes Dr Vo.

Monday 26th January, 2004
Aylee laughed today! She'd smiled and giggled and squealed before, but Christine was tickling her this morning, and she laughed and laughed! She also said "I love you!", adding this to the "Bless You!" she said to herself when she sneezed yesterday... :P

Saturday 24th January, 2004
Two months and two days old, and Aylee is starting to cut her first tooth! She's been really slobbery for the last week, and was a bit grizzly today, and mid wail I noticed a white spot on her bottom gum, and it wasn't oral thrush! Hooray! :P Teeth Stats: 1 in 2000 babies are born with teeth but they usually come in between 3 and 12 months, the average being 7 months... She seems pretty happy in spite of the tooth, and got lots of hugs from Grandma Jill and Grandpa Alex on their way through from Melbourne. :)

Thursday 22nd January, 2004
2 Months old today!! Aylee and Bradley are doing fine, and don't know what all the fuss was about (Christine has burst into laughter in the background).

Saturday 3rd January, 2004
Wow, Aylee is starting to look human and less like an ugmo *grin*. It seems "Bug" has stuck as the Trogdor's socialy acceptable nickname.... oh and Christine's back to work on Monday and Bradley officially becomes "Not-the-Marma". Bets are being taken on how long he will last before calling in reinforcements ;)

Thursday 1st January, 2004
Happy New Year! Bradley is recovering and Christine is looking overly sober & bored. Interesting change dontcha think?

Tuesday 30th December, 2003
Aylee is plumpin' out a little and looking fine. Not so much wrinkly elephant skin now. Another proud achievement - pissing on the doctor. I didn't know baby girls could pee so high....

Wednesday 24th December, 2003
Aylees first checkup shows that she has lost 200grams. Time to introduce the occasional formula feed to beef her up a bit. Her pimples are starting to fade away at last, the ones on her ears are slightly amusing, makes her look kinda elvish.

Sunday 21st December, 2003
We finally finished visiting evryone, yay!! *muppet dance* Time to have Aylee all to ourselves, mwahahahaha

Sunday 7th December, 2003
Construction begins on! Is it not nifty? If only i could get her to use the mouse with something other than her foot....